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Skin Care Therapies & Their Benefits

By 28th July 2020Skin Care

With a range of skin care therapies available, you can always benefit no matter what age you are or how perfect your skin already is. We can talk you through how you can benefit from all of our skin treatments to keep your skin in the best possible condition and health.

Ivory Taylor have a range of skin care therapies available and can always book you in quickly so you can have the desired look you want.

Skin Care Therapies Available

Ivory Taylor want to help every individual find an appearance they are happy with and offer several skin therapies to ensure you are satisfied with your own body. Just some of the skin care therapies we have available include:

  • Derma Roller
  • Dermal Filler
  • Electrolysis
  • Facials
  • Hair and Scalp Consultations
  • Hair Removal
  • Injectables
  • Lip Enhancements
  • Massages
  • Spray Tanning

We also provide many other hairdressing services so you have the style you desire after dealing with our team. With a range of skin care therapies available, we can advise you on the best options for your body and hair, keeping the skin in great condition and offering regular treatment, skin care can be provided as regularly as you require.

Why Use Skin Care Therapies?

Skin care therapies are used for a wide range of purposes and can repair, rejuvenate and enhance your current skin condition. There are a variety of skin treatments as well as current skin conditions that can be managed using skin care treatment. We understand everyone wants to have smooth and healthy skin, which is what skin care therapies can always help to achieve.

We offer many skin care therapies which can involve moisturising, hair removal techniques, body treatments and waxing or threading. By having this done by professionals, you can keep your body in great health and avoid any potential skin damage. Additionally, skin care treatment can help several conditions including acne, eczema and dry skin.

Enhancement Treatment

In addition to using skin care therapies to improve skin health, remove blemishes and hair and restore your natural appearance, we also have several options to enhance your appearance whilst allowing you to look as natural as possible.

With lip enhancements, muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers, these are just some of the treatments available allowing you to enhance your appearance, with the treatment being quick and effective. Once our team are finished with enhancements, you should always feel happy with the appearance of your skin and any enhancements you have received.

Why Use Professional Skin Care?

Whilst there are a range of skin care products available to use, you should always use professionals when having any skin care treatment. We make sure that all skin care products are applied and used correctly, giving you full assurance that skin will be rejuvenated once our team are finished.

Regardless of your current skin health, we always want to help each individual find the perfect appearance using skin care treatment. With skin care therapies, you will always receive the full benefits and can use skin care on a regular basis, maintaining the great condition of your skin.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss the skin care therapies we have available or any of our hairdressing services, contact Ivory Taylor today. We can make a quick booking with any clients and ensure you always receive the skin care treatment you desire. Call us today on 01206 85 1770 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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