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Nail Care Tips For Healthy Nails

By 22nd November 2020December 22nd, 2020Beauty

Nail Care Tips For Healthy Nails

Proper nail care is essential as our nails reflect our overall health. Regular nail care results in healthy, strong nails, and it can be simple and inexpensive. Whether your nail care is a form of self-care or just routine maintenance, keeping your nails healthy is a great investment.

Ivory Taylor provides high-quality manicure treatments in Colchester. This month’s blog is offering tips on how to keep your nails looking and feeling healthy.

Don’t Peel Of Your Gel Manicure!

The number one rule after having a gel manicure is to refrain from peeling it off. When you peel off the gel, you peel away thin layers of your nail, causing divots in the nail bed. These can linger for a while and can cause your polish to chip faster.

To remove your gel polish, soak your nails in an acetone remover to loosen it from the bed. Once it starts to lift, gently remove it with a cuticle pusher. Remember to oil your nails and cuticles afterwards for hydration.

Moisturise Your Nails

We all know that moisturising is key to healthy skin, and it is usually overlooked when it comes to nails. Dry, brittle nails can be the result of many things and they are often desperate for moisture. Find a hand lotion for your nail care routine that works for you and give your nails some extra love.

Treat Them Like You Treat Your Hair

Nails and hair are both composed of keratin proteins and can become dehydrated and damaged. Frequent nail treatments can impact your nails exactly how dyes and heat application can to your hair.

Have Patience With Nail Growth

We’re all guilty of having a nibble on our nails, but if you’re a chronic biter, you know how victorious it feels to grow your nails past the fingertip. Stronger nails can lead to longer nails if you are strict with your nail care routine, but it all takes time.

Avoid Contact With Water

Try and reduce the amount of time your nails are in contact with water as it can weaken the nail. After a bath, your nails start to bend; water can put strain on your nails, leading to brittleness, peeling and breakage.

We’re not saying ‘stop washing your hands’ but try wearing gloves when doing things like the washing up, to keep your nails nice and dry.

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