How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses wavelengths of low-energy light rapidly pulsed onto the skin at 180 times a minute to remove unwanted hair. It gently heats the targeted hair follicles to cause permanent damage directly to the chromophores and prevent hair re-growth. At Ivory Taylor, we offer a professional hair removal service by our fully trained and qualified beauty therapists.

For the best results, multiple laser hair removal treatments (usually 8 follow-up treatments) will be needed to ensure long lasting effects, and maintenance treatments may also be needed, depending on your skin and hair type. At our salon, we have the latest technology to successfully carry out laser hair removal services on all skin types.

Laser hair removal is completely safe and effective, even in the sensitive areas. It can be carried out anywhere on your body where you have unwanted hair and leaves outstanding results with silky smooth skin.

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At Ivory Taylor, we offer a wide range of hair and beauty treatments at our salon in Colchester. Each member of our team is highly skilled in their field, and we take great pride in providing an outstanding service to ensure you feel truly pampered. Some of our services include:

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Choose Laser Hair Removal

By the time you have spent money on temporary hair removal methods, it could be more financially worthwhile choosing a longer-lasting solution. Laser hair removal aims to completely eliminate body hair by preventing its re-growth. Ivory Taylor offers a reliable service that will change your life.

Although it can be costly, laser treatment can save you money in the long-run. In your lifetime, you will spend thousands on temporary hair removal such as shaving and waxing. When you compare the price of laser treatment to the price of waxing and shaving, it is significantly more cost-effective, and saves you more time!

As a result of waxing and shaving, ingrown hairs occur. They can become itchy and sometimes infected, and potentially cause embarrassment because they are visible. Laser treatment kills the follicle which stops new hairs from growing and preventing ingrown hairs. Another common complaint with waxing and shaving is dry skin and rashes. While laser treatment can cause slight irritation immediately after, it goes down within a few hours and your skin should feel silky smooth.

Treatment can be carried out when the hair is very short, so you don’t have to worry about growing hair in between treatments. If unwanted hair embarrasses you, you can feel confident that it won’t be seen again.

Laser treatment is a personal choice. To book a consultation, please get in touch with our salon.

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