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How To Find A Good Hairstylist

By 28th July 2020Hair Care

Finding a good hairstyle is very difficult, especially if you are picky when it comes to who s doing your hair. However, there are several ways you can find a good hairstylist, who you can completely trust to look after your hair.

Ivory Taylor always look to provide a personal service to our clients, ensuring you receive the right hair and beauty treatments from fully trained hairstylists.

Use Social Media

Social media is a massive part of most businesses now and can be extra important for hairdressers and stylists. Not only will Facebook pages show recommendations and reviews to build trust, but many hairstylists will showcase their treatments and beauty services across social media.

Visiting a hairdressers social media is essential if you are looking for a new hairstylist who you think is suitable for your hair. This could also showcase some of the styles they have previously done and how well they have done it. With this insight, you can always find the ideal hairstylist for your needs.

Ask Around

Online reviews are becoming more and more important, however, asking around for advice can still be the best option when it comes to hairstylists. Whether it s a friend s particular colour or style of someone you have seen at an event recently, you can often find the best hairstylists by simply asking others.

Another benefit of asking around is that if you see someone with the exact or similar hairstyle to what you want, it makes it easy to find a stylist who can achieve that style flawlessly. You should always have a hairstyle you love and if this means styling it on someone you know, this should be a great option for everyone.

Using Products You Love

When you re fussy with your hair, it is important to use the right product in your hair and product that you actually like being used. Some hairstylists may have the products they use for hairstyling on their websites and others you may have to enquire about, however, this can be a great method to find a hairstylist who can create the best possible style for your hair.

Whilst using different hair products is not a big deal to everyone, it should be something you consider if it s important to you. Using those products could be key to creating the hairstyle you would like and if you find a hairstylist who also uses these products, it makes your hair much easier to manage.

Have A Consultation

Sometimes, the best way to decide on the best hairstylist for your needs is to have a consultation with certain stylists. Whilst this might be more time consuming for you, in the long term it is ideal to ensure your hair stylist knows exactly what hairstyle you would like and how you want this to be achieved.

With a consultation, this gives you the opportunity to discuss what style you would like and whether it can be done by that hairstylist. This especially useful if you have specific hair such as afro or frizzy hair, as you will gain more confidence in your hairdresser if they have a good understanding of how to give your hair a flawless appearance.

Contact Us

If you require a hairstylist in Colchester or would like advice or recommendations from our team regarding any beauty treatments, get in touch with Ivory Taylor today. We are always happy to provide a consultation and discuss the hairstyle you would like and what options are best for your needs. Make a booking today and call us on 01206 851770, text 07749 274 571 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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