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How Often Should You Get Your Haircut?

By 28th July 2020Hair Care

Whether it s for a big event or simply trying out a new hairstyle, getting your haircut more often can be perfect for our clients. But how often should you actually get your haircut? Ivory Taylor can make sure you get your haircut regularly and keep it in great condition.

Ivory Taylor provide a range of hair and beauty treatments, ensuring you always look flawless no matter what pampering you need!

Changing Your Style

Whilst maintaining the condition and appearance of your hair, changing your hairstyle is often the most popular reason to visit a salon. Whether you want your hair layered, shortened or coloured, we understand just how many times you might change your mind.

Trying new hair colours can really bring out your best appearance and if you still haven t strayed away from your roots, there is no harm in going for a new style. Within their lifetime, most women will try at least 3 different colours. Whether you want to blend this into your current hairstyle or change your entire hair colour, this is just one of the many ways you can change your style.

At our hair salon, there are many other styles you can choose so you always create your desired appearance. With blow drying, perming, highlights, colouring and many other options available, the perfect hairstyle is achieved.

Confidence Boosting

Everyone feels great after a new haircut. Even if you are simply removing some loose ends and tidying up the edges, having a haircut can give you the confidence boost needed to tackle anything in life, as well as boosting your self-esteem.

We make sure that our hairdressing is completed perfectly, so you are never left unhappy with the final cut. When adding new colours to your hair or chopping and changing the style, we also make sure we are never altering the condition of your hair, ensuring you maintain the shape and appearance of your hair without any issues.

Regular Haircuts

Although you do not need to have haircuts all the time, it is important that it is done regularly. The frequency of your haircut does depend on the length of your hair and if you want to keep a shorter style, haircuts are obviously required more frequently. However, a good haircut should always last you 8 weeks. Once you reach this time frame, going back in for a new haircut is essential.

Not only will this keep your hair smooth and keep a stylish appearance, but it allows you to keep the style you currently have. Split ends are a nightmare for everyone and you will always want to have a great appearance, whether this for a special event or just your day-to-day appearance.

Even when growing your hair longer, regular cuts are still important even if you are only having a small amount of hair cut off.

Benefits of Hair Salons

Hair salons are not only needed to cut your hair, as they also offer several benefits to every individual. 70% of women say they feel more attractive after having hair freshly coloured. Visiting the hair salon can always achieve this as we make sure the style and appearance, as well as the texture of your hair, always meets your needs.

If you are going out or have a special occasion coming up, that can be the perfect excuse to have your hair done. Even if you do not want your haircut, there are so many options for what we can do with your hair to give you the perfect appearance.

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