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Hair Care Tips To Guarantee Great Hair

By 28th July 2020Hair Care

Whether you are unhappy with your current hair condition or you want to maintain its perfect style, there are several hair care tips you should consider. At our hairdressers, we ensure your hair is taken care of expertly and you are always satisfied with its style and condition.

Ivory Taylor offer a wide range of hairdressing and styling services, ensuring your hair is always styled perfectly and any hair care issues you have are addressed.

Fewer Washes

To give your hair a natural look, washing your hair every day can be the worst case scenario. By frequently shampooing your hair and using hot water, you can wear down your hair which can lead to your hair being weak and not giving you the style you want.

Whilst you may want to wash more frequently if you have an oily scalp, you should only really wash your hair once or twice a week. The sooner you get into this habit, the more beneficial it will be to your hair. The less you wash, the less styling will be required, ensuring your hair gives off the best possible style and appearance without regular washes.

Avoid Heat Styling

Whilst having heat styling for special occasions is not a big issue, try to avoid heat styling on a regular basis. We understand this needs to be used sometime and our team can provide the perfect blow dry for any clients. Heat can damage your hair badly and avoiding all hot tools will help maintain great hair. Just some of the equipment you should try to avoid includes:

  • Blow Dryers
  • Curling Irons
  • Flat Irons
  • Hot Rollers
  • Wands

All this equipment could damage your hair in the long term with continued use. If you do need to use any of these items, spray on heat protectant is available, which can prevent the heat from damaging your hair.

You should always choose professional hairdressers for all heat styling. Ivory Taylor can style your hair perfectly with a range of techniques.

Scalp Massages

Hair care routines are essential to maintain the condition of your hair and a natural glow for the best possible appearance. Scalp massages are just one of the many techniques you can use to assist with your hair care.

The oils used in scalp massages will nourish your hair follicles, where growth begins, helping to plump up your hair and create a thicker look. There are many oils that can be used for scalp massages to promote hair growth for the best possible results.

Find The Right Style

You shouldn t have to wait for a special occasion to try out a new hairstyle and experiment with your hair. Finding a style that looks great and suits your appearance is essential to guarantee great hair. By regularly chopping and changing, you can make sure you find the best hairstyle choice for your needs.

With our hairdressing, we offer a range of different hairstyling services, with competitive prices, to make sure you have the best possible style. You can view all our hairdressing services and prices and easily book a slot with Ivory Taylor to make sure you have the perfect hairstyle and great hair is assured.

Contact Us

If you would like to book a time with our hairdressers, get in touch with Ivory Taylor today. We can provide a fast response and discuss the services you would like, as well as booking a suitable time for your needs. Call us now on 01206 851 770 or text 07749 274 571to make a booking. You can also get in touch by filling in our contact form.

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