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Top Christmas Beauty Tips

By 9th December 2022Beauty

Make Time for Yourself

Along with Christmas comes chaos. The whole build up is a blur of gifts, party preparation and high workloads. Therefore, it’s understandable you may find it difficult to find time for yourself. However, it’s very important, so don’t forget it!

Make sure to give yourself a proper break over the Christmas period. Also, make sure you have a few early nights and don’t forget your skincare routine.

Stay Hydrated

One of the cheapest beauty tricks in the book – stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is essential for any season, but it’s especially important if you’re drinking alcohol.

Dehydrated skin can look dry and is prone to flaking. In addition to this, water also rids the body of toxins, which is especially useful if you’ve been drinking more alcohol and processed foods than usual.

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Have a Facial

Facials have many benefits. They deep cleanse your skin to combat any blemishes and restore elasticity. In winter, your skin is especially vulnerable to dryness, dullness and chapping. However, moisturising facials are very effective.

Furthermore, gentle exfoliation will help remove any dead skin cells.

Take Your Make-Up Off

This is the most important tip. We know that it’s so tempting to get straight into bed, but you must cleanse, tone and moisturise first.

Sleeping with make-up on can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. It can also make your skin look dull and even cause eye irritation.

Have Fun!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. You’ve worked hard and you deserve to let your hair down. Among making sure everyone else has a great time, don’t forget yourself.

Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones. Enjoy every minute of it.

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