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Body Waxing Tips for a First Time Waxer

By 3rd March 2022Beauty

There Needs to be Hair There

You are being waxed to avoid shaving. Not only does shaving beforehand defeat the purpose of a wax, but it can make it more difficult and painful.

Ideally, your hair should be about ¼ of an inch long, so it can be grasped and removed quickly.

Exfoliate Beforehand

You should lightly exfoliate a day or two before your session. Us a gentle scrub and gently use it to help minimise dead skin, oil or clogged pores.

Remember, exfoliation can leave your skin feeling sensitive, so be careful.

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Take Painkillers with You

Whether or not you have a high pain tolerance, it is recommended you come prepared. The likes of ibuprofen can help ease the pain and shock of the wax, especially if it’s your first time.

It is recommended you take it around 30 minutes before your wax.

Wear Loose Clothing

You will more than likely be sore afterwards, so it is important you wear loose clothing to your session. Waxing opens your pores and makes them more sensitive and wearing tight clothing can cause a rash.

Loose clothing helps to avoid any sweat or oils getting trapped in your pores.

No Exercise After

Going to the gym and breaking a sweat after a wax is not recommended. It is best to wait 24-48 hours before you start exercising.

Nobody is Judging You

If you are worried that your waxer will be judging you, that is not the case. Everyone looks different and experienced waxers are used to that. As professionals, they will only be focused on achieving smoothness with little discomfort.

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