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A Guide To Lip Fillers

By 28th July 2020Aesthetics

Lip Fillers are one of the most popular forms of cosmetic procedures and it s easy to see why! Not only do they look great and fill you with confidence, there is also no recovery time. However like any procedure there are risks, that is why we have come up with a Guide To Lip Fillers that you can follow and make sure your Lip Enhancement is perfect.

At Ivory Taylor, we offer Lip Enhancement procedures that are carried out by specialists for your complete piece of mind.

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip Fillers are made up of Hyaluronic Acid, a substance that our own bodies produce regularly as we age. It is produced to retain moisture in the skin and because of this it is found in many skin care products. This means that the body will accept the substance and break it down eventually, making Lip Fillers a non-permanent procedure.

During the procedure the substance is injected into your lips and then massaged until the product is even. Once this is done your lips will most likely have swelling and bruising for around 24 hours, after the swelling has gone down you will notice your lips look and feel plump.

Lip Fillers have become extremely popular over the past couple years and this is due to many celebrities and influencers who had the procedure carried out. The most famous case is Kylie Jenner who was not comfortable with her lips and wanted to make a change, she had the surgery and showed to the world that it is okay to make changes to your body. What an icon.

Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

There have been many horror stories on the internet recently about Lip Filler procedures that have gone wrong. The majority of these cases are because the patient has gone to an unlicensed aesthetic therapist who has performed the surgery for a cheap price. To further this, a lot of unqualified aestheticians, use harmful chemicals as a substitute for Hyaluronic Acid. This increases the risk of something going very wrong and is often the case.

If you go to a professional Aesthetician who specialises in Lip Fillers, then you will feel little to no pain and the chances of something going wrong will be slim. As you would with any other cosmetic procedure, you need to research the therapist and look at reviews. Do not just go with the cheapest option.

How Do I Take Care Of Them After The Procedure?

For the first 24 hours it is good practise to place an Ice Pack on your lips. This allows the swelling to reduce at a faster rate and discourage any bruising that may occur. You will also need to make sure you drink plenty of water for the next few days. Hydration helps to give your lips a fuller look and will reduce the chances of a negative impact.

Due to the procedure not being permanent, you will notice that your lips don t look as plump after the first few weeks. This is perfectly normal as the substance in your lips is being broken down by the body, however we do not recommend going back to the clinic straight away to get them redone. Instead we advise that you have the procedure carried out every 6 months for a great result.

Examples Of Some Great Results

Take a look at some great examples below of women who didn’t feel confident with their natural lips and instead wanted a fuller and plump look. These look amazing!

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